Silly Willy and Friends


Silly Willy is a language development tool for use by speech language pathologists, early childhood and special education teachers.  It is a hand crafted creature – not a toy or a stuffed animal, and not a puppet.  Inside Silly Willy children find manipulatives to encourage speech and language – anything the therapist/teacher chooses to focus on for language or speech.  Articulation!  Spontaneous language!  Beginning sounds!  Basic concepts!  Naming words!  Story props!  Representational play! The list is limited only by your imagination. 





Color of the


Each Silly Willy is hand-crafted by Joan Shaw and her helpers at her home.


Silly Willy is not a toy for children to use by themselves.  He is intended as a tool for an adult to manipulate to help elicit language and desired behaviors from children on a one-to-one basis or in small to medium-sized groups.  He was created to provide a unique and engaging venue with which to present your lessons and materials.  While sturdy and appealing, Silly Willy is not intended to withstand the rigors of a young child dragging him around by the nose!

Silly Willy is the creation of Joan Shaw, a speech and language pathologist and former early childhood teacher of kindergarten, first, and second grades.  Joan has been an SLP for 10 years in Boston Public Schools.  She created Silly Willy while doing clinical work in grad school for a young student who had trouble making the /s/ sound. 


Who is Silly Willy?